Read this before you go for ISSB

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If you want to be a Successful candidate of ISSB – Must Read Following guidelines.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTS Your Handwriting is the mirror to judge your quality.Write neatly and legibly. Since these tests are designed to calculate your IQ, try and complete, as many questions as possible; but at the same time, do not do so without thinking sufficiently. Even75% of the questions answered correctly will see you thorough. Since every test is co-related, be positive in what you write. Your pen picture should tally with your thoughts pen down. Since you are being compared with all other candidates your best performance will take you to your ultimate Goal.

WAT Word Association Test: Write the first positive thought that comes to your mind. Time given is 15 seconds to write. The sentence need not be grammatically correct or the word used just to write a sentence. Remember this is not a Make a sentence type exam. This is designed to test your inner thoughts. So be careful in what ever you write.
Thematic Appreciation tests

The Thematic Story writing. You will get about 3 minutes for each story. Do not write stereotype stories. Try different theme for different stories. Remember you are the Hero; the aim should be to bring out leadership qualities of the hero through these stories.
The Qualities that you are to project through your stories are:-

What do they judge at ISSB in Group Tasks? 

A) Assessment of Candidate’s Participation within the formulated Rules
B) Planning and Intelligent Assessment of the situation
C) Individual Quality in context to the Group
D) Assuming control of a Group to execute a task
E) Assess the problem from different angles
F) Assign responsibility to Team mates
G) Ability to realize the Potential of Group Members
H) Capacity to motivate others
I) Alertness
J) Creative Thinking
K) Putting the Group before the Self
L) Helping Tendency
M) Originality of Thought
N) Quick Decision Making
O) Cooperation with Others
P) Group Integration
Q) Planning and Execution
R) Leadership Initiative

DOs and DON’Ts of ISSB

Most of the candidates want to know that what should be done and what should not be done while attempting ISSB Tests. There are no standardized points because in ISSB personality of a candidate is checked and every one has its own personality make up. However for guidance, some steps can be discussed which help in doing ISSB tests.

– Always speak truth
– Follow instructions given by selectors
– Stay cool during tests
– Be social and cooperative to others during tests
– Do not be selfish and single doer in the performance of
all field tests
– Try to improve vocabulary and speaking power both in
English and Urdu
– Be proud of what you are and have faith in Allah and
– Watch News, read newspapers and be good in Islamic and
Pakistan affairs
– Try to learn definitions and formulas of Physics, Chemistry
and Maths
– Know your study record by heart i,e
marks ,percentage, grades, roll no. etc
– Stay smiley in tests
– Do not pay heed to rumors about ISSB
– Do not join any coaching academy

List is not exhausted and open for more points from any one.

How to prepare for Intelligence Test

Intelligence Tests are conducted to check mental age, alertness and sharpness of candidate’s mind. First of all, we should know that how these tests are made. We learn many things from our surroundings, friends, colleagues, teachers, parents and of course from media. Our mind stores these things in the form of experiences. If we ask any question about those things, the individual who has experience well written in the mind, will answer the question very fast. The individual with less experience will answer with difficulty and no experience means no answer at all.

Intelligence test for FSc students is made keeping in view the mental maturity and experiences of these students. It is a general test and students answer the questions according to their mental grooming.


It does not mean that they are dull minded. They fail due to many reasons. Some are as follows:-

1. They do not have any idea about the type of questions for the first time, they appear in the test.

(First time screened out very often pass second time because they know the type of questions that time)

2. Test anxiety is the biggest reason of failure in the test.

Anxiety ridden candidate is prone to make many mistakes. He/She becomes restless and his/her mental concentration is impaired. Answering responses become delayed, blocked or irregular and candidate waste time over few questions and rests are left behind. Conscious and anxious candidate often misunderstands or misinterprets the questions and gives wrong answers. He lags in spontaneous replying process. When there is a confusion in mind, its thought process is also affected and the movement of fingers do not match with thinking process and candidate often start erasing or cutting written answers on the sheet or unable to tick correct answer on computer.

How anxiety occurs? When you continuously think about one thing and your mind tells you that it is difficult, it is difficult, it is difficult.

Your mind gets worried about it and also when you make any thing a matter of life or death the it also creates anxiety because expectations are very high and fear of failure is there.
So what is solution?

Relax and you try, rest leave to Allah who has promised to every human beings for RIZQ. You should give peace to your mind by saying that if I fail no problem, I will try again or will do something else. Just have strong faith in Allah.

How to prepare for Intelligence test? First of all we will try to know the kinds of questions.

1. Some questions are related to alphabets like
C is to A
J is to H
R is to P
W is to ?

Ans T Y U S

So there is a pattern in in ABC questions. Try to find that pattern. Some time Alphabets and digits both are present in the pattern. Like
GOD is to 7154

HIGH is to 8978

BAT is to ?

Ans 2121 2120 2021 2012

2. Some questions are mathematical type like
3456, 6345 , 5345, 4345, ?

Ans 3564 3345 3346 3465

3. Some questions are statement type like

Ali is 2 years older than Nasir, Arif is 3 years younger than Ali , Nasir is 26 years old. What is the age of Arif?

4. Some questions are of missing part in the picture/figure type. In this type picture is given and some part is not there in the picture. Four or five confusing answers are given and only one fits in the picture which in answer.

5. In some questions, figure is given in moving position and next position is asked. To solve this question move the figure in your mind clockwise or anti clockwise to find the answer.

6. In some questions, two figures are given in correlation with each other and answer can be finding through counting edges or corner or sides of figures.

7. Some tricky questions are also asked like

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