Taliban decide not to attack Pakistan Army

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Quetta – A prohibited militant organization named Pakistani Taliban on Monday evening announced not to attack the Pakistani army and other Pakistani security forces on the direction of a 5-member joint council of Afghan Pakistan Taliban set-up on the directive of Taliban Political and spiritual leader Mullah Mohammad Omer said Media Reports.

But continue attacks on American forces inside the Afghanistan, a high level Pakistani Taliban source said.

A powerful and well authorized decision making delegation of Afghan Taliban has been successful to get groups of Pakistani militants united under Mullah Omar flag.

The unified group has decided not to attack Pakistani army and to stop suicide attacks inside, kidnappings for ransom and killings of innocent people inside Pakistan. Taliban sources say Mullah Omer was unhappy about suicide bombings, kidnappings for ransom and killings of innocent people by Pakistani Taliban.

Meanwhile Pakistani militant commanders say prominent al-Qaida and Afghan Taliban fighters have asked them to set aside differences and step up support for the battle against American and NATO led allied forces in Afghanistan.

The Pakistani Taliban commanders say the request came during two meetings in Pakistan’s tribal region in November and December.

They said on Monday the senior al-Qaida commander Abu Yahya al-Libi attended the both meetings, as did Sirajuddin Haqqani, the de-facto head of the most feared militant group in Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s most prominent militant leaders, including Pakistani Taliban commander Hakimullah Mehsud, also attended.

The commanders who described the meetings spoke on condition of anonymity because of their sensitivity.

On the other side, NATO spokesperson says it hopes for a quick reopening of the blocked supply routes through Pakistan because the 5-week closure is damaging the economies of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.



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3 thoughts on “Taliban decide not to attack Pakistan Army”

  1. Pakistani Taliban instead of fighting with masses of Pakistani military, should form a secret group, who just monitor the movements of top Pakistani military brass, i.e Generals etc, and then target them in a peaceful manner. Pakistani military as an institute is not responsible for all this, but these are the Hypocrate Generals who are using Army against the willingness of Almighty Allah. This way Pakistani armed forces jawans will be safe and policy makers will no longer enjoy amusement in military cantts.

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