Islamabad – (Express Tribune – Adding from ProPakistani) : Pakistan Army is reportedly in process of developing a handheld tablet, a market dominated by the likes of Apple, Amazon and Samsung, reported Express Tribune the other day.

A rather surprising report said that the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra has started up a new commercial venture with a Chinese company to manufacture smart tablets to strengthen national economy.

It is said that venture may produce several products starting with a computing tablet, a notebook and an eBook reader.

Details suggest that products are initially being marketed in Rawalpindi, but modalities needed to be finalized so it could expand to other cities including Lahore and Karachi.

The competitively priced products, he said, have several benefits because they are being manufactured in Kamra.

“It comes with a joint one-year warranty of PAC and Innavtek. Because PAC is producing it, it will ensure quality. We will also provide backup support,” the official said an official.

It is interesting to note here that, the website for the venture, is currently down for exceeding bandwidth.

We are awaiting response from their sales team on pricing and specification; hence expect more details here soon.


According to  there are two devices (a tablet and e-reader) available for sale. Notebook will be made available in March 2012. Keep reading for more details:

E-Reader: PAC Pad1

  • Portable eBook Reader
  • 7” TFT Screen
  • 480 x 800 Resolution
  • 10 Hours Battery time
  • Media supported: AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3, PDF, EPUB
  • DRM Compliance
  • USB Connector
  • Price: Rs. 8500
  • Tablet: PAC eBook 1
    • 1 GHz processor
    • 7” Capacitive Multi-touch screen
    • 1920 x 1280 resolution
    • WiFi 802.11 b/g
    • 256 MB Ram
    • 5 Hours Battery time
    • Android 2.3.3
    • 4 GB NAND Flash included
    • External SD Card upto 32 GB
    • Price: Rs. 15,500
    • Notebook: PAC nBook1
      • 11” Screen
      • 1920 x 1280 resolution
      • WiFi 802.11 b/g
      • 1.33 Ghz processor
      • 1 GB ram
      • 5 Hours battery time
      • 120 GB hard disk
      • HDMI support
      • Price: Rs. 25,500

      PAC claims that all products are co-produces and assembled locally, and are sold after quality assurance.

      All products come with 1 year warranty.

      Where to Buy:

      Currently these products are available at PAC Kamra, however, PAC is making arrangements to make these products available in open market, throughout Pakistan.


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  • THnkX Pakistan Army <3

  • Shahzada Shaheryar 4 years ago


  • Nouman 4 years ago

    Great !!

  • Khalid Rehman. 4 years ago

    This’ll b a good contribution in pak economy. Good quality with low prices will definitely capture the market.

  • Shoaibbhorvi 4 years ago

    late but great

  • Irfan ul haq 4 years ago

    A quality product. reasonable price……Thanks Pakistan Army……..proud to be

  • Nomaan139 4 years ago

    PAK Army should go for high specs pc’s 🙂

  • Thank you Pak Army. *Respect*

  • Khurram Habib 4 years ago

    try to add 3G please, so tablet will be more powerfull….. Lov You Pak Army.

  • Adnan Rahim 4 years ago

    inshallah pak army will succeed in his mission.but if they will make tablet with 3g its good

  • Qadeer Ahmed 4 years ago

    At first instant it fascinates but in reality its just like now cricket team starts playing football to improve Pakistan image in football…Come on…..have our met all defense requirement…defense is the biggest economical weapon….the leading countries are earning through their defense product and we think that we need to jump into other matters…..what a dumb idea…..and I am sure it being assembled not manufactured in Pakistan.

    • Hamidalimuzaffar 4 years ago

      Mr. Qadeer, like any other entity Kamra is a commercial organization though under PAF supervision, there is nothing wrong let’s appreciate it, as we know the modern wars are going high tech one.

  • Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Hassan_mahmood01 4 years ago

    Well done Armyy!!

  • SajjadKayani 4 years ago

    It show that army is capturing the market now instead of ruling the country!

  • Shahbazray 4 years ago

    Pak Defence Forces are capable to do anything in any field.
    we really proud of our Pak Army
    Defence Forces zindabad

  • Fahd Chishty 4 years ago

    Price of PAC Ebook is PKR 8500 and that of PAC PAD1 is PKR 15500
    Please get your figures straight

  • Waqas Rafiq 4 years ago

    Pakistan Army should stablish her universities, like US Army

  • Khanmohammedmahar 4 years ago

    ♥♥♥-♥♥♥PAKISTAN ZINDABAD ]♥♥♥-♥♥♥

  • They must focus on tasks they have been hired and are being paid for!

    • Hamidalimuzaffar 4 years ago

      Mr. Rasheed Ansari, that’s what they are doing, again why do we mix things, K A Complex is an industrial unit as any other, internet was a US army specific project like SUV’s and heavy duty trucks. today’s huge passenger air plan used for swift transportation of soldiers.

  • Shahid Rehman 4 years ago

    Great achievement ! Salute our engineers,technicians and the pioneers of this venture.This is a good example for our industry to,innovate and diversify,which will in turn give a flip to the economy to grow.
    Well done PAC !
    Shahid Rehman,

  • Ahmed 4 years ago

    Its a pity that Army is focusing on items which can be considered as luxury. They should rather devote their services in building roads/ bridges and dams (and I think a lot more is needed than FWO) I think if they opt for making such items, then they should finance their expenses from these, rather than the defense budget of the country, which is already in deficit.

  • Anasiftikhar 4 years ago

    great .our country really need this type of ventures.