‘YUDH ABHYAS’ – India plays War Game with US

Jaipur – Nine day YUDH ABHYAS 2011-12, a joint exercise of Indian and US army started on Monday at Mahajan, Rajasthan with an impressive opening ceremony that saw the unfurling of the national flags of both the countries amidst tunes of “Jana Gana Mana” and “The Star Spangled Banner”.

Indian and US soldiers stood side by side, with their Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICV) and Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), and gave a ceremonial salute to the two senior most officers of the US and Indian side reviewing the line up.

The US contingent was represented by Colonel Thomas J Roth, Commander 2nd Engineer Brigade, US Army. Brigadier BS Dhanoa, his Indian counterpart welcomed the US soldiers, and in his inaugural remarks highlighted common beliefs of democracy like freedom, equality and justice that are equally precious to both the countries.

Company strength army personnel from USA and an equal number of Indian soldiers from South Western Command are taking part in the two week long event that will see them hone their tactical and technical skills in a UN peace enforcement scenario. Both sides will jointly plan and execute a series of well developed tactical drills for neutralisation of likely threats that may be encountered in UN peace operations.

1 thought on “‘YUDH ABHYAS’ – India plays War Game with US”

  1. This excercise shows bad intensions of Indians and American to filtrate in Pakistan in near future. Americans did exercises in dersert areas in 1980s decade in USA and practically it shaped in 1990s Gulf war. with the grace of Allah we ready to face our so called friends in every walk of life, trade, , war against terrarism, etc….

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