Siachen vs Pakistan Army – A Video

It is now quite evident that after passage of four days when the massive avalanche buried the camp of Pakistan army in Siachen, there is little hope of finding survivors though no bodies have been recovered as yet. Pakistan army continued to dug through snow, boulders and sluch in an increasingly desperate search for 135 people buried under the snow wall but despite all efforts the rescuers have not been able to reach the site of the camp due to bad weather hampering the operation.

Specially trained search and rescue teams of army engineers equipped with locating gadgets and heavy machinery aided by sniffer dogs andhelicopters are at the site. Well equipped US, German and Swiss rescue teams comprising experts have also joined the Pakistan army to help in the rescue operations.

One expects that the specially trained foreign and Pakistani rescue teams would utilize all their expertise but it would be an uphill task because it is not known how deep the camp is buried under the snow. The whole nation is in a state of shock and the Parliament has expressed its concern. People in large number are visiting the affected families and showering their praises for the services of the Officers and Jawans.

In the meantime President Asif Ali Zardari once again contacted the GHQ, GB Chief Minister and FCNA GOC to get latest information and directed the authorities to use all available resources to rescue the soldiers and civilians. The COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani also personally dashed to the area to have an on the spot review and issued instructions for utilizing all available means to complete the rescue process in the shortest possible time.

Though no one can predict how long it would take to reach the snow covered camp because of the difficult terrain and inhospitable weatherconditions but one thing is for certain that Pakistani army does not leave its Martyrs abandoned in any situation and every officer and jawan is given due respect and treated as integral part of the force.(Pakobserver)

4 thoughts on “Siachen vs Pakistan Army – A Video”

  1. I dnt knw hw 2 xpress my feelings. I jst pray GOD may protect these proud sons of soi evrywhere…
    GOD blesss u aaaaaaalllllllll…

  2. They are greatest among the whole world and sacrificed their lives for ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN. v r poud of them.

  3. i dnt knw wt to say ……we cants praise them by our limited words…..but these Generals hats off to you after what happened in Abbotabat operation and Salala checkpost attaks

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