Pakistan to Launch Long-Range Missile, Informs India

Just days after India successfully test fired its first Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), Agni-V, Pakistan has said that it plans to conduct a long-range missile test.

According to Indian Media, Pakistan has informed India that it plans to conduct a long-range missile test in the Indian Ocean over the next five days.

Pakistan has asked New Delhi to issue a notice to all commercial airlines to steer clear of the area.

The move by Pakistan comes just five days after India test fired Agni-V to join the elite club of ICBM nations.

Agni-V, the ICBM test fired by India five days ago, is capable of carrying nuclear warheads and will be crucial for India’s defence against China. The missile can carry a pay-load of 1 tonne, is 17 m long, 2 m wide and weighs 50 tonnes. After the missile is inducted into India’s strategic forces by 2014-2015, India will acquire a strong deterrent capacity against China.

Agni-V can cover entire China, Eastern Europe, North Eastern and Eastern Africa and even Australia if fired from the Nicobar Islands.

Only the permanent members of the UN Security Council – China, Russia, France, the United States and the United Kingdom – have such long distance missiles. Israel, too, is believed to posses ICBMs although there is no official confirmation of the same.

The missile has a range of 5,000 kilometres, a marked improvement over India’s current missiles which can hit potential enemy targets over a distance of just 3,500 kilometres.

23 thoughts on “Pakistan to Launch Long-Range Missile, Informs India”

  1. یہ غازی یہ تیرے پرستار بندے
    جنہیں تو نے بخشا ہے ذوق خدائ
    دو نیم ان کی ٹھوکر سے صحرا و دریا
    سمٹ کر پہاڑ ان کی ہیبت سے رائ…

    افواج پاکستان زندہ باد
    پاکستان پائندہ باد

  2. Pakistan Should also launch the 5000 or more rang missile because there are also an other enemies of Pakistan on the world Not only India.

  3. ALLAH pakistan ko Dunya me awar ziada izat dede.pakistan humara jan pakistan humara jihan pakistan humara sab koch.ALLAH Army ketarah Humare Zalim Hukamrano ko b WATAN Aziz Ke khidmat ka awam ke khidmat ka Pakistan ke Army ketrah Jazba awar janon Ata perma de.

  4. In the name of God most merciful and beneicial.

    congrat and best wishes for our Armed Forces and all person regrading in various projects to bulid strong pakistan.


  5. Pakistan is the fort of islam & all the muslim countries (except afghanistan which is the left hand of india) are looking toward this fort of islam to enhance its defence capabilities in all aspects. beside these pakistan has lot of enemies in which the india is top most but its pride for us(all pakistanis) that each inch of india is in the range of pakistani missiles, but i think its not enough and pakistan has to increase the range of its missiles so that each inch of the world comes under the range of pakistani nuclear missiles…
    It will be great news of happiness for me if my pakistan become the super power of the world; stronger enough than any country of the world…

  6. Inshallah Pakistan will soon test his ICBM with range of more than 7000+km to strenghen his defence so pakistan zindabad

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