Pakistani Navy Plans ‘Base’ near Gwadar

Admiral Asif Sandila, chief of staff of the Pakistani Navy, talks to reporters in Beijing, April 25, 2012 - Photo/

Admiral Asif Sandila, chief of staff of the Pakistani Navy, said Pakistan plans to establish a naval base around Gwadar, where China is helping build the Gwadar port, in southwest Pakistan.

“It takes a long time to build a navy base, and now the navy is only doing feasibility studies,” said Sandila, who is on his first visit to China as the Navy chief of staff.

He emphasized that Gwadar port remains an economic port and the Pakistani navy has been tasked to provide security for foreigners working at the port and the port infrastructure against terrorist attacks.

Sandila also said he believes the rise of China will have a positive spill-over effect on the entire region.

Pakistan is willing to intensify cooperation with China over a wide spectrum of areas, including defense, science and technology, telecommunications, infrastructure, education, banking, trade and commerce, and cultural exchange.

4 thoughts on “Pakistani Navy Plans ‘Base’ near Gwadar”

  1. Chinese Brothers Must build a Naval Base around Gwadar Port in Pakistan, to help safeguard the interests of Both China & Pakistan. It’s wish of every Pakistani to see A naval Base under use of Chinese friends.

  2. Aslam o alaikum sir i want to join pakistan navy i pass my intermediate last year with first division so please tell me how i appeared in test?

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