‘Break Anti-Terror Alliance With the US’ – Brig Ali Khan

A jailed senior Pakistan Army officer, who has been accused of plotting an Islamist takeover of the military high command, has called on the Army to break its anti-terror alliance with the United States, which he contends is forcing Pakistan to fight its own people.

“This may help us redeem some of our lost dignity and we badly need that,” The Telegraph quoted Brigadier Ali Khan, as saying in a six-page document.

The US might retaliate by cutting military and economic aid, but “do they not always do this at will? … Our fears that the heavens will fall must be laid to rest”, he added.

Khan, who was arrested a year ago, faces charges of conspiring with four other officers and a British member of Hizb ut-Tahrir to recruit officers to the group.

3 thoughts on “‘Break Anti-Terror Alliance With the US’ – Brig Ali Khan”

  1. Somehow Brigadier Ali is right, USA is not our friend they are against our soverienity, they are helping anti-Pakistan element in Balochistan, Sindh and TAliban in KPK. They sponsered India in the construction Dams in occupied Kashmir. CIA penetrated in our our institutions and recently they strated campain against Thar Coal Project, initiated by the Mubarik Samarkand. They supported Anti-Pakistan element in Humen Rights Commission in Geneva. CIA has ability to make plot against those officers of Pak Army, who are patriot and against USA. Hisbul-Tehreer is planted by the USA and they are not loyal to Pakistan and Islam. It is a group of fools.

  2. He wanted an Islamic caliphate?
    First shave your mustache and keep a long beard according to sharia you traitor. and he shouldnt have betrayed the army after taking an oath on the Quran itself. what a hypocrite.
    I think he just wanted to give a reason to america to invade Pakistan like Osama did in Afghanistan and Saddam did in Iraq…

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