Pakistan Navy’s Annual Safety Review Held

Pakistan Navy Annual Safety Review for the year 2011 was held at Bahria Auditorium here on Wednesday.

Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Mohammad Asif Sandila, was the chief guest on the occasion. The safety review is held every year with an aim to monitor the safety standards at various Pakistan Navy units and to create safety awareness. Through detailed analysis of past incidents, pertinent lessons are drawn based on which active measures are initiated to avoid recurrence.

Addressing the ceremony, Sandila expressed his satisfaction over the positive change of enhanced safety culture within Pakistan Navy. The naval chief was assertive of the fact that safety and operational preparedness were closely linked to each other. Intrinsically, safety being a state of mind should be an integral part of all organizations and institutions. 

The naval chief added that though it was practically impossible to eliminate the human factor from daily life, it could be minimised through consistent efforts at all levels. He reiterated that we must work upon bringing up a culture where one should accept his mistake and let others know not to repeat the same mistake. “We must give confidence to our men to operate independently with their utmost conviction towards safety adherence and safe working practices. 

Earlier, Commander Pakistan Fleet, Vice Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, received the chief guest on his arrival at Bahria Auditorium. In the end, the chief guest gave away the safety trophies and congratulated all the safety winners. PNS Badar received trophy in destroyer squadron, while Submarine Hamza was declared winner in Submarine squadron. The 333 squadron grabbed the trophy in aviation category.

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  1. Enemies of Pakistan are looking for Opportunity to repeat the PNS Mehran like Attack or they want to demolish Pak-China Friendship by killing or injuring Chinese Engineers working for Defense Self-reliance to Pakistan. We MUST remain fully aware and alert to counter any event. This is GOOD effort to consolidate active counter measures for it.

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