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Pakistan military has charged the US-led ISAF and Afghan security forces for providing sanctuaries to anti-Pakistan Taliban and terrorists across the border in Afghanistan.

Formally the Foreign Office, the GHQ and even the top civilian leadership in Pakistan is cautious to speak against what the US and other foreign states are doing within Afghanistan to hurt the interest of Pakistan, the Pakistan military through its official publication “Hilal Magazine” has, however, spoken out its mind in clear terms.

In its editorial note titled “Terrorist Havens in Afghanistan”, the publication whose patron-in-chief is the DG ISPR, said that the terrorists’ groups are using sanctuaries in Afghanistan for many purposes from training recruits to holding planning meetings.

“Training camps at which such skills as hand to hand combat and the handling of firearms are taught, require a large area which has been made available to them in Kunar.” It raises the fundamental questions: “Why these activities have not yet caught the attention of ISAF or the Afghan security forces? The question arises as to why the ‘safe havens’ are tolerated (or at least not attacked) on the Afghan side of the border?”

The editorial note said that somewhere in Kunar Afghanistan, a space was quietly being generated to accommodate the runaway terrorists of Swat who had fled the area due to fear of Pakistan Army.

Conveying the anger of the Pakistan military, the editorial note said: “Re-energized and strong enough, these terrorists have been able to unite themselves in Afghanistan and are attacking Pakistan Army in groups from across the border. The latest attack in Dir on 25th June 2012 is case in point where soldiers of Pakistan Army were attacked, kidnapped and brutally be-headed.”

“The attackers more than 100 in number, were reported to be under the command of Maulana Fazlullah (a wanted terrorist of Swat), and the attack was originated from Kunar province. This type of cross border incursions are regularly featuring for the past two years and are gradually getting an organized shape,” reads the editorial note.

It ruled out the possibility that a group of hundreds, assemble at some place in Afghanistan, carries out a cross border attack and goes back without being noticed by Afghan and allied security forces. “The Americans’ claim and complain that there are ‘safe havens’ for terrorist groups here in Pakistan, but the same can also be claimed about those who attack Pakistani territory from Afghanistan and then return to their sanctuaries.”

The Pakistan military publication urged upon the world to look into this issue seriously and address the concerns of Pakistan. “By providing safe havens, Afghans and international security forces are making that area unsafe and insecure. It will ultimately damage Afghanistan in the longer run and will turn it weak.”(The News)



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  1. The sole purpose of providing them safe heaven and sanctuaries across border into Afghanistan by US led NATO/ISAF & Afghan National Army is to weaken Pakistan and it’s interests. US does not want peace in this Asian region, Because they are here with different agendas rather stabilizing region. And US want to stay longer here. USA is enemy of Pakistan and with other spy agencies i.e CIA, RAW, Mo-sad & etc are busy in sponsoring terrorism to destroy peace in Pakistan. Afghan President is the US puppet everyone knows. Afghanistan is stay Pakistan is real Target. It won’t be better for Afghan future. We should Stop co-operating NATO/ISAF & USA.

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