Sensitivity of Balochistan Issue Needs Attention

On 21 July 2012, Foreign Sponsored elements are hit a security checkpost located
in Pishukan area of Gwadar. In this militant attack, six security personnel were killed
and four others injured when unknown terrorists fired rockets at security. The local
administration and Levies personnel reached the scene and shifted the injured to
hospital. The security forces cordoned off the area after the attack and launched search
operation to arrest the culprit

Notably, sudden increase in blast waves, militancy in Karachi and resumption of drone
attacks just after restoration of Nato supply, beheading of soldiers after abduction from
FATA, interference in Balochistan, killing of Pakistani soldiers on Chenab River Bank,
raiding under training security elements in Lahore and now attacking security checkpost
in Gwadar Port (Balochistan) on 21 July 2012, are clear cut indications of involvement
of hands in militancy in Pakistan. All these subversive activities are being controlled
by CIA, RAW,MI-6 and Mossad. Afghan National Security Council is providing and
facilitating CIA, RAW and other intelligence agencies for launching their agents in
Pakistani area.

U.S. and her allies are working for grater Balochistan. They are interested in causing
instability in Balochistan through terrifying locals and settlers. As per set foreign
agenda local lords of Balochistan immediately allege country’s intelligence agency
for any murder and abduction of innocent Baloch. Whereas, it has been found that
abduction of people for ransom and killing them have become the routine of daily life in
Balochistan. Few days back, honorable Chief Justice visited Balochistan for hearing of
missing person case. He has also shown concern over abduction and killing of innocent
persons. It is suggested that Chief Justice should take some more visit of Balochistan
for punishing the terrorists.

Involvement of foreign hands particularly of Americans, British’s and Indian cannot be
denied since prevailing adverse security situation and unrest of Balochistan directly
linked to international politics due to the development and operation of strategically
important Gwadar Port.

It would also be correct in saying that intensification of current terrorism throughout the
country is by design, since our political system is getting strength day by day. Moreover,
tenure of ruling elite is almost over and the country is heading towards transitional
phase of exchange of powers. Thus, anti-Pakistan elements are more interested in
instability of political system while sabotaging the peaceful transaction of the system.

In fact, the current blast wave was planned, staged and executed by CIA, RAW and
MI-6. Some of the Western, US, Indian and local electronic and print media started
throwing slush on own country on the name of violations of human rights in Balochistan.
I would like to suggest to the honurable, Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motu
actions on the murder of soldiers rather than just pulling security and intelligence
agencies on the name of missing persons. He should also take suo motu against
Baloch lords who are playing in foreign hands, inviting CIA and RAW militancy to carry
out in Balochistan. In most of the cases the act of killing is being done by RAW and
CIA simply with the aim of fueling militancy of Balochistan. Anyhow, this adventure
of maligning and alleging country’s security forces and intelligence agency should
be stopped since it is strengthening the hands of foreign intelligence agencies and
damaging the country’s solidarity.

US and Indian joint venture is aiming at (1) supporting rebels Baloch leaders for
storming terrorism in Pakistan (2) Incorporating Iranian and Afghanis’ Baloch areas in
purposed Greater Balochistan (3) Declaring Pakhtune region as Al-Qaida dominated
areas and targeting Gas pipeline. In short, there is a need of resolving the issue
politically but at the same time foreign agents busy in fomenting terrorism, abducting
and killing innocent people should also be dealt with iron hands. However, true leaders
should be approached and given chances for ruling the province and establishment the
peace. Media pundit and so called anchors should not try to fuel the issue deliberately
or unintentionally. Media should discourage the anti Pakistan elements operating in
Balochistan. It is also suggested that fencing of international border, effectively guarding
of coast line and mountain passes need to be emphasized.

The author is retired senior military officer,defence analyst and a regular contributor at PakSoldiers.Com, can be approached through [email protected]

6 thoughts on “Sensitivity of Balochistan Issue Needs Attention”

  1. Yes, i do agree with the above article. It is 100% true that innocent Baloch and Baloch Lords are playing with foreign hands. Baluchistan destabilization is foreign sponsored by CIA, RAW, MI-6. I remember when Shamsi Air Base of Baluchistan was taken in control and American were ordered to vacate the base at that time Israeli nationalists and British were found there with their passports which shocked the bureaucracy but no action was taken to counter their steps taken in Baluchistan. When FC “Frontier Corps” proved to be hurdle/barrier in militants’ ambitions then Baloch Lords are used to resist FC so, that way become smooth and bitterness can be created against security forces. Government should taken serious and continuous efforts to stop sponsorship and loops and holes.

  2. US citizen mustn’t be allowed to enter Pakistan. And Issue must be raised at International forums. India, RAW, CIA must be warned not to promote and sponsor terror in Baluchistan province of Pakistan. We must remember US is Pakistan’s Enemy Number 1, and their aim to stay in Afghanistan is to destabilize Pakistan and it’s institutions.

  3. America is supporting rebellion and insurgency in Baluchistan…..I wonder why our security agencies are looking the other way America desprately needs the control of Gawader and parst of Baluchistan…as long as the American menace is in Afghanistan we will be facing insurgency and terrorism in Pakistan.

  4. Too late to point out involvement of foreign agents

    although most of us exactly knew it.Do not cry over the spilled milk. Let every Pakistani know the threat Pakistan is faced with.

  5. Our agencies could only bring peace and establishment in balochistan, politicians are not worthy of trust,therefore, army must find a way to deal with the agents of foreign agencies and to change the way of thinking of balochi people for at any killing they blame Pakistan agencies which play a vital role in the defense of pakistan. Everyone knows the intentions of america even the common citizens of pakistan.

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