‘Change’ Through Vote, Not Military

The kind of situation both the Pakistani state and the Pakistani nation is going through requires a desperate change to make matters better and to stop them from worsening. However, there is no such thing as a quick fix when to it comes to political affairs in this country. Being a democracy, rule of law and people’s voice should be the elements considered foremostly prior to making any policy or strategy. But interest of the Pakistani nation has seldom been considered at the very core of these foreign and domestic policies by the country’s multiple times tried-and-failed politicians.

This has led people to lose their faith in this democracy. Nothing works under the rule and nothing works in their favour. The rules have been made to support those who already have power. Status counts a lot in this country. Pakistan has been known to shout Islamisation in the world arena, but practices actually none of it in essence. The desire to see law and order in people has turned them to military leadership to make Pakistan a strong country with economic
and social prosperity.

Over four times Pakistan has had military dictatorships and people have always voiced that they were better off during these years under military governance than when the civilian leadership was in the country. With reportedly more than $18 billion lost in foreign investments in the past three years, this current government  has given nothing but political turmoil and economic instability. Today, people no more ask even the Pakistan military to take over, they ask simply for change with no leadership to orient it, which is an impossible wish. They have trust in no one, but in their own abilities, which through nepotism and corruption has taken them nowhere, but made life for a socially aware, sensitive and self-conscious man even more difficult.

However, even the Pakistani military is not clean from the blemishes of corruption, for which it has been also criticized internationally. Even being tagged as mercenaries, Pakistan military is taken in the foreign media as nothing but “foot soldiers” to the foreign powers that use this region for their strategic dominance and economic gains. Never the less, it is the least corrupt institution in this country and appears to be at an advantage by being the most organized.

The Pakistani nation has a dream of seeing a change one day in this country. They should better be prepared to express their political voice through the power of vote that this defaulted system of democracy has given them. Though that there are claims of the elections always being rigged, but when every man would step out and use what right of power he has in this democracy, his voice would be hard to be ignored.

The Transparency International recently said that it wants Pakistani army to supervise the coming general elections which will use the electronic voting system. Though the electronic voting system has not received positive reviews, at least not in India, but it can be trusted upon just like in Brazil the people had in the seat of power whom they wanted. So, the Pakistan military after all serves this country even in its dire domestic political situation.

Published in PakSoldiers.Com, July 31st, 2012.

5 thoughts on “‘Change’ Through Vote, Not Military”

  1. Yes, vote can change the situation. Our Military is the Most disciplined, Organized, Competent, Trusted, Honorable, Influential, Respectable and a Hope from hopeless people. It is the only Institution which is cause of survival of Pakistan. Our Military is Extremely Professional to cope-up with any situation. And we are Proud of it, And Nation always Stand by our Beloved Armed Forces.

  2. your last remark that people look at military rule as better periods is purely an egocentric,chauvinistic attitude.
    Ayub’s rule as President led to Pakistan Army’s direct confrontation between the people and the army in baluchistan,east Pakistan; and the most shameful rigging of election against Madari millat ,Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah.
    it led to Rann of Kutch and the september war which was a direct result of infiltration into Kashmir, invasion on the Akhnur sector. This was to divert the Nation away from the results of the election.
    This derailed Pakistan,led to the breakup of Pakistan,development came to a standstill and saw the creation of Bangladesh. he Ayub,Yahya Khan periods were the cornerstones of the destroying the leadership which had assisted the creation of Pakistan and instead brought forward the elements which opposed Pakistan under the flagship of Convention League,JUI and Jamaati Islami,Ahraris like Nawabzada Nasrullah etc.
    Ziaulhaq’s reign is more recent. he fought the Afghan War on the back of JUI,created madrassa style militia,later known as Taliban.he created ASS, later SSP, whose sole purpose was to kill the talent in the country;professional,educated people.Created the monster of Muhajir Qaumi Movement, a typical exercise of dividing the people rather than integrating them. This dividing process has become so gross that it is making brother fight brother,father fight son, wives running away with their amours.
    Mush came as Saviour against corruption,he left with an NRO. he killed leadership of Pakistan, he brought total corruption in the politicians,had people killed in uniform and out of uniform in unprecedented numbers.
    All of them flouted the Constitution.
    Nobody wants them back.One Baluch commented,BLA is not BLA, but PLA,Pakistan Liberation Army.You Agree???

  3. Army nhi sudhray gi…. This Bull crap egocentric article shows the mean mentality of some paid monkey of army. Halat ki waja se bemari supress ho gae hai but hai ab b wohi cancer ka nasoor

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