Balochistan’s Situation and Pakistan Military’s Role

4000 Baloch recruits completed their basic military training on October 29, 2010.

Recently, the Director General Military Operation (DGMO), Major General Ishfaq Ahmed Nadeem assured through the media that there is no single operation being carried out now in Balochistan and every soldier is in his barracks. He called such a notion part of propaganda against the military, which can only worsen its image, and not just amongst the Balochs but also the rest of the country.

The development work taking place on Chamalang Coal Mines has provided employment to thousands of Balochs and is being looked upon as a way by the military to bring peace to the region. There are many seminars and conferences as well as workshops held across Pakistan to assess and explain the situation in Balochistan. But there seems to be not many ways out of what had happened. Never the less, Balochistan’s question remains to be solved through political
means and the military has made itself very clear as to where it stands. Pakistan military strongly supports a political solution to the Balochistan issue.

The need of the time asks for everyone to work together rather than approach the issue in an escapist way. The issue of the missing persons in the province is clearly a blame game where the Frontier Corps (FC) is being dragged into. FC cannot operate independently without prior orders from the provincial government. Pakistan military has identified a lot of these missing persons to be in the Ferari Camps (separatist camps) and involved in criminal activities, because of which they are facing jail in Afghanistan.

Thus far, the only reasonable party to be dealing with the situation in Balochistan seems to be Pakistan’s military as the politicians are turning their heads away just on the mention of the province and its situation. The five military operations that have occurred in these 65 years have been all under the orders of the ruling governments of the day. However, if one considers what General Pervez Musharraf did to Balochistan can be taken to be a “military side of the affairs” too, then one does not understand how politics works in this country. Thus, the burden of guilt of the present situation in the province lies with the political elite who have ignored the province since Pakistan’s inception.

Coming out with such “solution packages” as Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan, of which the former Prime Minister Gilani claimed 80% has been implemented, makes for only news publicity, with no real effects on the ground. Thus, giving statements in the media means zilch.
The “special committees” that have been formed to evaluate Balochistan’s crisis have not put forward any resolution since March 2008, the time when they came into being! The Baloch leaders are to be answerable to it all too as they quietly take “development grants”, which according to a news report amounted to Rs.1 billion, and stay aloof.

The problem for a genuine concerned Pakistani who cares about his fellow Baloch brothers is on whom to believe and whom to listen to as no one confronts the truth and no one speaks the truth.The media again fails at its job terribly in the case of Balochistan. Thus, for a common Pakistani, there is no source of genuine and reliable information as to what is going on behind these political statements which come out. We are still part of the nation called Pakistan and Balochs are entitled for its equal ownership. Balochistan’s issue should be solved under Pakistan’s constitution and its parliament rather than be discussed in the U.S. Congress who only see this region for its strategic importance to them.

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  1. yar wo bat kro jo smjh aay grnal kyani ka bhai craption kar rha he zrdari k 7 PIA ka jo nya cherman aya he us ny havy tnkhawon pr air force waly rkh ley dba kr ap log ta da bna rhy ho ghreeb admi sefarish krta he k mjhy nokri dejay to ap log us ka case FIU ko dy dety ho theek he bhai khao pakistan to bna he syastdano k ley the ya army offecers k ley bhai ak think tank bnao jis k office hr bry shr me ho or hr pakistaani ko invaite kro k thora sa wakt nikalo pakistan k bary me socho sb ay engy or blochistan msly ka wahid hl iran ko preshrise kia jay kiu k iran me india k sfartkhany khul kr baghi grops ke mdad kr rhy hen or hmy forn iran me wo opration shrow krna chahyey ISI ke mdad sy jo 1988 me india me kia tha or india ke sans ukhr gai the or yehi opration iran me shro kr k is ko sbk sekhaya ja skta he

        1. Dear, you see my hundreds of comments on this and other defence related websites, I always comment or criticize in a responsible and civilized manner but mentioned below person showed his frustration on untrue basis and spoke against a Most honorable Institution of Pakistan. Which i can never tolerate. We should be supportive to our guardians rather criticizing baseless. People’s support is the real strength of any Force of the world. Thanks…..

  2. Army loves to speak against politicians even knowing than Kana Iftikhar Chaudhry is blaming army on the will of some third force but still army only loves to bark against politicians. This whole site is dedicated to speak shit against democracy & politicians. Why don’t you watch your backs? Should I remind you of Major Munnawar peaks in Siachin that Pakistan lost because of a General who was ghaddar for sure. Maj. Munawwar resigned later because all of his Jawans martyred. He had strong enogh proofs against that general but no one listened him. And what about that general who said “Siachin mei to ghaas b nhi ugti”????

    1. PAK ARMY IS DOING BEST JOB. I’m 100% agree with our Army which always speak about the Best Interests of Nation. It is the Army Only which has kept surviving Pakistan and Balochistan. Pakistan Army ne Balochistan mein bohat se development k kaam kiye hen or Baloch bhai ko Jobs di hen in civil and military sectors. Schools, Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Cadet Colleges, Roads, or bohat kuch. Army ki Qurbaanian to dekho. Mr. Asad lagta hen tum RAW ke agent ho kute. We are Proud of our Armed Forces. Poora Pakistan Pakistan ki Fouj Key Sath hai. PAK FAOUJ ZINDABAD, PAKISTAN PAINDABAD. NARAAAAAAAI TAKBEEER ALLAH AKBAR.

      1. Shut up Mr. Bastard. BTW I am not a worker of any political party unlike you who is son of an army man for sure. Great jis ki bat samaj na aae, ya jis se agree na krte ho usay apna Kanjron k sardar Hameed Gul ki tarah ghaddar aur RAW ka agent bhonk dia kro…. This all you guy are capable of.

        1. Why you are too much frustrated with Army? What they have done with you? If you have any misunderstanding share with me, I will remove your misunderstanding promise. I challenge you, prove Army wrong in any matter……!!! So, be sincere with your nation and security forces of it, who are protecting you from enemies. You are misguided nothing else…. Pakistan Army always do the Best in National Interests.

      2. I have a lot of proofs to support my argument but I have seen your level of intellect from the above posts so am not gonna reply you anymore

  3. @ asad! Apki democracy aur politician apko mubarak hon. Pakistani awam ko andaza ho gai hay kay democracy kay kitnay benefits ko blame karna ap jaisay logon ki hobby hay.kabi ap ney armed forces ki sacrifices dekhi hain kaisay kaisay nojawanon ney apna aj hamaray kal kay liye qurban ki ap jaisay log bhonktay rahain koi faraq nahi parta.Pak army zindabad!Pakistan paindabad!

    1. Ji dekhi hain sacrifices aur un scrifices ko use kr apne mafad hasil krne wale bhi dekhe hain… Shaheedon ki Qabron per apna mujra krne walon ki bhi kami nae… Ayub Khan,Yahya Khan, Zia-ul Haq, Asad Durrani, Hameed Gul, Aslam Beg & the list of bastards goes on & on & on….

      1. Kyaa apne Mafadat hen batao? begair sachai jane kis important institution per ilzaam nahen lagan chahiye. I’m sure you are not a Pakistani but Indian and RAW agent that’s why you just changed your name planced Asad to show yourself a muslim. Shame on you dear.

  4. Every comment clearly reflects the mindset of individual. wherever you stand and whatsoever political affiliation one have, In discussing hardcore National issues please be Neutral.
    I have been in Balochistan for last Three years. came across common man problems, got to know about the area politics, the affairs of local political leaders, role of FC, Military role and Mainstream political parties role in Balochistan.
    Whatever i have seen NO Green Flag waving anywhere, National Anthem heard anywhere, Administrative setups like Police,levis system functional anywhere,
    Bus,Railway stations,Markets,Plazas every where fear prevails . Hotels, Restaurants are empty. Travelling by road is no option for dacoits impostering as BLA,BLF.
    What i never saw was any Organistion working half of its capacity, No political leader working for his constituency , funds being spend on roads, bus stands and public areas maintenance and uplift.
    With the state and political Machinery at Halt i asked what is the option now to get the problem solved. Please avoid commenting for the sake of blamegames or pointscoring for one or other.
    Comment with your options as Green Nationals.

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