Pakistan-US Sign MoU to Regularize NATO Supplies

Deputy US ambassador in Islamabad, Richard Hoagland, (L) and head of Pakistani delegation Rear Admiral Farrukh Ahmed sign an agreement during a ceremony held in the Pakistan Defence Ministry in Rawalpindi on July 31, 2012. PHOTO: AFP

Pakistan and the United States Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to regularize the arrangements for the NATO supplies, which are currently based on “verbal understanding.” The MoU was signed at the Ministry of Defense by US Charged’ Affaires Ambassador Richard Hoagland and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Defence Rear Admiral Farrokh Ahmed. The agreement comes after hefty negotiations between the two sides after Pakistan suspended  NATO supplies in protest to US army’s killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers near Pak-Afghan border.

The MoU, according to ministry’s statement to has been drafted under the light of the UN Charter and in line with the recommendations of the Pakistan parliament. Under the agreed terms, the supply of ammunition is not permitted but supply of weapons to Afghan National Army has been allowed. Also, the cargoes can transport food, medicines, and items of daily use to allied forces, fighting in Afghanistan.

Two routes will be used for the supply; one from Southern Port Qasim to Afghanistan through  South-western Chaman border and the other from Port Qasim to Afghanistan through Northern Torkham Pass. The accord also introduces a concept of Central Coordination Authority, which would oversee the implementation of the pact. Accordingly, the agreement allows authorities to bar transportation of lethal equipment and inspection of the cargo. Pakistan resumed NATO supplies on July 3rd as the US apologized over the killing.

1 thought on “Pakistan-US Sign MoU to Regularize NATO Supplies”

  1. This MoU shows Pakistan commitment to help fighting terror and Stable Afghanistan policy. Well, This is good step way forward. This proceeding will further strengthen ties between USA and Pakistan. But I’m afraid that Weapons passes through Southern Port Qasim to Afghanistan through South-western Chaman border may further fall in the hands of separatist of BLA or Insurgents and cause the Mehran Base like attacks or on Nuclear facilities, as these separatist are foreign sponsored. So, the Inspection and Scanning of the Cargo should be made mandatory. USA should be careful about Pakistan’s sovereignty and Integrity by avoiding alleged aerial violations by Drones or Salala Check Post like attacks at Pak-Afghan border. Otherwise NATO supplies can be shut once again.

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