Business Community Put Weight Behind Armed Forces, ISI

The business community of Capital city on Friday rejected lethal propaganda and conspiracies against armed forces, FC and ISI terming it intrigues aimed at dismembering Pakistan.

We unconditionally support the guardians of our ideological and geographical frontiers which have ensured national unity and stability by offering supreme sacrifices, they said.

Every Pakistani should repose confidence in Army, FC, ISI and MI which is our most important line of defence, said Malik Sohail Hussain while speaking to a rally of business community at Blue Area.

Malik Sohail, Chairman Media, FPCCI who has also served as President of Blue Area, VP NTA and SVP ICCI said that Pakistan cannot survive if these institutions become fragile. He said that clash between institutions should be avoided at all costs; parliament, judiciary, executive, and armed forces should work together for a better, prosperous and safer Pakistan.

Clash between institutions will be catastrophic as no divided country can face the aggression or pressure from a foreign power, said Sohail. Others who spoke on the occasion included Chairman Coordination FPCCI Atif Akram Sheikh, Chairman of Blue Area Malik Saghir, Nadeem Manzoor, Amin Pirzada, Liaquat Ali Noon, Yusuf Rajput, Haji Muhammad Naeem, Imran ul Haq, and Raja Hassan Akhtar.

They said that attacks on Parliament, Supreme Court, and armed forces should be avoided as we are surrounded by eternal enemies who are against our existence. Business leaders condemned the way in which a baseless FIR has been registered in Lahore against ISI and MI chiefs and demanded of the Punjab government to quash it immediately.

The ISI being the premier national security agency needs respect and recognition of its successes instead of being threatened and condemned, they added. They regretted that in civilized nations heads of intelligence agencies are not summoned in courts and grilled for actions taken to safeguardnational interests, serious matters are always heard in closed door chambers.

The masses, intellectuals and media should also take into account the high death toll the security establishment has rendered in doing their duties. The Military Act if modified or declared unconstitutional will end the very discipline, organizational structure and chain of command of the army which will prove a death blow to the country, they said.

2 thoughts on “Business Community Put Weight Behind Armed Forces, ISI”

  1. We know that foreign strong campaign is going on against Pakistan’s Armed Force to defame, DE-Morale them, but they will not be succeeded in their devil intentions Because We the Nation always Stands by our beloved Armed Force. We strongly support FC, ISI, MI, Army and security forces. These are the guarantor of Pakistan’s safety, security & defence. Unite we Strength divided we fall.

  2. We pose full Trust in our Armed Forces, they are the Best protectors of National Interests. Pakistani Armed Forces are Extremely Professional & fully capable of defending motherland. Pak Armed Forces are honorable and respectable to Nation. CIA, RAW, MI-6 is involved to De-stabilize Balochistan and Pakistan ultimately because they have Ge-Strategic interests in this province. They do not like our existence and Irritates our Nuclear Assets. And USA can not tolerate Pakistani Armed Forces success in War Against Terror. Foreigners are sponsoring insurgency here.

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