Unrest in Balochistan?

The social and political unrest in Balochistan is a grave concern to the whole country today and has come under a constant global scrutiny. With a staggering amount of killings, assassinations, abductions and terrorism the situation is evidently aggravating and no solution has been sought as yet. Although, the magnitude of the unrest and anarchy doesn’t constitute equal to the issues faced by the world at large, it is however obvious that Balochistan is caught under a power tussle by international forces which are trying to gain hegemony over theworld.

Balochistan – being a strategically located province is hence of essential value to these powers who are engaged in weakening the region internally so as to maintain their stronghold.

It is important to take into account what the dominating powers in the world today view Balochistan as. To United States, Balochistan is a highly resourceful region which encompasses western Pakistan, eastern Iran and a segment of
Southern Afghanistan which makes the province quintessential for USA to maintain its control over Middle East and Central and South Asia. Quite similarly, China thrives on Balochistan to for its accession as a world superpower due
to the vast reserves of unexploited resources, necessary for China’s economic  development. Balochistan’s strategic location also makes it an essential geopolitical power.

In these dismal circumstances the ISI and MI are making extensive efforts in order to bring some sort of stability to the reason. The Chief Justice also summoned General Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani and asked him how the situation must be resolved , how the country should be run and what the Chief of Army could do in the regard.As a consequence, the lives of brave army officers are sacrificed on a daily basis in order to combat the forces disrupting peace in the province. Interior Minister Rehman Malik reported the Upper House asserted that Balochistan has become a target of a “world power game” and requested that officials of ISI and MI should also be summoned to record their statements.

The effort of the Military in order to quell the situation has been apparent and there has been extensive planning to avert the crisis permanently. However, the nature of unrest in Balochistan is deep-rooted and propelled by a number
of different agents. In these inopportune circumstances the everlasting solution would be for the government and the military to unite on a common footing and negotiate with the foreign forces which are responsible in spurring the unrest.
Only then peace can prevail.

Hijab Hassan is a young freelance writer based in Lahore.

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