Another Kamra Hero Martyred Of Wounds

Injured Sepoy Muhammad Iqbal died in hospital on Friday, taking the death toll of soldiers in the Thursday’s attack at the PAF’s Minhas airbase in Kamra to two.
Also on Friday, funeral prayer of Sepoy Muhammad Asif Ramzan, who died fighting the militants, were offered in Makhdoom Rasheed area of Multan after which he was buried in ancestral graveyard.
On the other hand, two FIRs of airbase attack naming nine unidentified terrorists were registered at Kamra City’s Saddar police station on Friday. The FIRs were registered on the complaints of Flight Lieutenant Officer and police station’s SHO under Anti-Terrorists Act.
Meanwhile, the inquiry committee formed to probe the terrorist assault commenced its work. The probe committee led by Air Marshal Sohail Gul is considering the points as to who provided logistic support to the terrorists and whether the attackers stayed in village Makhan Suleman or just employed it as a safe passage.

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  1. As we know base is surrounded by civilian residential areas, the first step to further tighten the security of Air Base is to remove civilian resident/houses from near by Base, secondly the movement of security staff, check posts, deployments, Air Crafts & hangars are easily visible from outside the Base, so Walls should be further made High with barriers wires over wall should be charged electric shock/current, Third there must be Patrolling round the clock In & Outside the base surroundings with mini Argo Avenger like vehicles, There should be surveillance/reconnaissance system installed all over there to monitor security and security personnel’s alertness, There Must be secret identity/codes to identify friend or foe wearing SSG uniform? And Uniform sellers must be bound not to sell Security Forces’ uniforms to unauthorized persons, Anti Terrorist drills should be conducted in different scenarios Inside & outside the base to counter terrorism If such incident occurs again. Co-ordination amongst security forces is key. And there must be surprise search operations to check surroundings of Kamra Town/Air Base.

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