Pakistan Successfully Test Fires Ballistic Missile

Pakistan today conducted a successful launch of the Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Hatf IV Shaheen-1 Weapon System. The missile incorporates series of improvements in range and technical parameters of the existing missile. It is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads to a range of 900 Kms.

Today’s launch, whose impact point was at sea, was witnessed by Director General Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant General (Retired) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, Chairman NESCOM Mr Muhammad Irfan Burney and other senior military officers, scientists and engineers.

Director General Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant General (Retired) Khalid Ahmed Kidwai congratulated all scientists and engineers on the successful launch. He said that the improved version of Shaheen 1 has consolidated and strengthened Pakistan’s deterrence abilities manifold. He appreciated the efforts of all personnel for their dedication and professionalism.

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    1. Dear you are very much wrong. Please rely on Verified and Official facts & figures on Defence Budget. Armed Forces of Pakistan only consume 8% of the budget or less. 70/80 are rumors only. Look at Extremely Professionalism, BEST Training, Equipment/Weapons systems and Very High Preparedness in too short Budget “Amazing”…..

  1. Dear, Gen.kidwai shahib!

    We have proud in our strategic forces in your brilliant command.

    May Allah Tallah , make Pakistan So, strong and Powerfull nation. Amin



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