Pakistan Navy: Advancement to Boost Safety of Maritime Boundary


Pakistan Navy has got updated with the availability of sophisticated equipments and endurance for the safety of maritime boundary. Talking to Radio Pakistan, defence analyst Brigadier Farooq Hameed Khan (Retd) has said Pakistan Navy has always been a great strength in defending our maritime border.

He said that Pak Navy not only protect the defence of country but it also plays vital role to provide security and defence to commercial and trade ships.

He said that for the last few years, Navy has been advanced by providing it with sophisticated equipments so that our maritime boundary could be safe.

To a question, he said that Hameed Khan said that as though India recently provided its Navy some sophisticated technology but Pakistan Navy also is not behind the Indian Navy.

He further said that it is reported that China is going to provide most sophisticated submarine to Pakistan, adding that through this, our navy would further be strengthened.

Talking in the programme, Head Department of IR, National Defence University, Dr Muhammad Khan said that Pakistan Navy’s defence capabilities have been greatly increased during the last few years. He said that Navy played important role in the defence of any country.

UK had ruled the world due to its strong naval force in the 19th and 20th century.

He further said that in the modern era US is playing important role in world politics due to its Navy.

“Nearly 90 percent of world trade took place through sea, so for guarding the sea frontiers are very important responsibility of navy,” he added.

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