Pakistan army denies its chief said ‘be more like India’

Pakistan’s army has denied that its chief Qamar Bajwa said that his country should be more like India, as was reported in the Indian and Pakistani press.

This was indicated in a cryptic tweet yesterday from Pakistan’s Major general Asif Ghafoor, the spokesman of the country’s armed forces

That he was referring to Pakistan army chief Qamar Bajwa’s alleged comment about “emulating India” was only gleaned from the fact that Ghafoor’s tweet also included a news headline stating the same.

Last week, Pakistan’s Nation newspaper reported on a December meeting held by Bajwa, during which he essentially said “the army has no business trying to run the government”. He also reportedly spoke at length about how India has managed to make democracy work without ever involving the Army in governance.

At the December meeting, The Nation reported that Bajwa apparently urged officers to read a book “Army and Nation”, written by Steven I Wilkinson. The book attempts to explain why the democratic process in India has been a success.

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