iPhone X will Have 3GB RAM and 2716 mAh Battery: Confirmed

iPhone X which still have to get launched by the Apple, here comes the few more features, the battery and RAM of iPhone X. 

iPhone X will have a 3GB RAM and 2716 mAh Battery, says the r @OnLeaks, filings with the Chinese telecommunications authority, known as TENAA.

To put these new confirmed specs in perspective, 3GB of RAM is the same amount of memory featured in the iPhone 8 Plus and a number that’s typically below the RAM featured in most high-end Android manufacturers’ top tier devices.

It’s worth pointing out though that iOS is a less resource intensive operating system and doesn’t require ample RAM to facilitate multitasking and running high-end apps. The 2,716mAh battery included in the iPhone X, however, is a little more interesting.

This battery is a little larger physically than the iPhone 8 Plus power source, which measures in at 2,691mAh, but still isn’t the biggest battery Apple has ever featured in an iPhone — that crown is still held by the 2,900mAh battery included in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Despite this fact, Apple claims that the iPhone X’s battery is capable of lasting ‘up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7.” Of course, as with all smartphones MobileSyrup reviews, we’ll have to get our hands on Apple’s high-end smartphone before passing final judgment regarding Apple’s claims.

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