Who We Are

PakSoldiers.com is Pakistan’s first news blog which is purely¬†covering areas related to Pakistan’s militaryand political news.

This blog breaks news about almost all defense deals, military productions, security risk assessments and happenings of all political hot news all across the of Pakistan.

With Pakistan’s key geo-political location and many state-of-the-art security and intel capabilities, this blog aims to bring in limelight, the latest happenings and strategic developments from Pakistan’s security apparatus.

Not to forget, PakSoldiers.com won “Best Sector Coverage” award at Pakistan Blog Awards 2011, held in partnership with Google.

In the age of information propaganda and media deception, we seek to separate facts from fabrication and present to our readers objective, non-corporate and real-time assessment to key regional developments that impact Pakistan and the world.

Highlighting the sacrifices of our troops and military workers is our duty. We believe in highlighting all the good that not only our armed forces do, but all what our intel intercepts. Happy reading!

16 thoughts on “Who We Are”

  1. Sir, I want to Join Pak AIR FORCE. I do metric in science. now i saw about PAF so im very intrusted to join it..please guide me how i can join it..thankyou.!

    1. you will apply .
      plz read newspaper every day Army vacancies shows on jang newspaper specially
      and if you see yor current position which is on your education you must apply


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